Bible Study on Living the Victorious Christian Life

This Bible Study is on Living the Victorious Christian Life, a Journey Discovering God’s Best for You.

Recorded live via Zoom, this Bible Study (with ex JW’s such as Elaine and Perry) is designed to replace Watchtower lies with what Scripture says about God, how to KNOW you have salvation, and how to thrive living as a believer of Jesus.

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Here’s a helpful Handout Workbook for all the lessons. We encourage you to read verses before and after in your Bible to get the full context of the discussion.

Session #1 This introduction is a short overview (with diagrams) of the Victorious Christian Life. Future lessons will then go deeper on each Biblical Principle.

Session #2 The continuation of Lesson 1-1 culminates in a discussion of the Tribunal of Christ (The Bema) – what happens when we die.

Session #3 Knowing God is the bedrock foundation to spiritual maturity. We begin with a discussion on spiritual transformation and having the “mind of God” – His Perspective.

Session #4 How do I get to know God? One way is by reading his revelation of Himself – the Bible

Session #5 Knowing God – Another way I can know God is by Prayer – A conversation with God.

Session #6 This lesson is a continuation on Prayer – A conversation with God

Session #7 We conclude Lesson 1-2 on Knowing God with a discussion of the importance of gathering with other believers (commonly in a church or small group).

Session #8 Salvation Principles – Like physical birth, spiritual birth is the entrance into my new life with God. What happened when I became a believer in Jesus? What is the relationship between Mercy and Grace?

Session #9 Salvation Principles – How does God’s Principle of Substitution atone for my sins?

Session #10 We conclude Salvation Principles by discussing the difference between “religion” and “Christianity.” Then in 1-4 we discuss the three different components of me – Spirit, Soul and Body.

Session #11 What is God REALLY like, as defined by Scripture? What is the importance of trusting in God’s character? These concepts impact my willingness to grow spiritually!

Session #12 What is the root cause of humanity’s desire to be independent from God? My sinful nature. What’s the antidote? The divine nature of the Holy Spirit that I received the moment I became a believer.

Session #13 The Holy Spirit. Is it important to understand the Holy Spirit is a PERSON? How do I develop my personal relationship with HIM?

Session #14 Part 2 of the Holy Spirit — The discussion continues on His characteristics and my personal relationship with the Him.

Session #15 Part 3 of the Holy Spirit. We discuss how He helps us, how He gives us spiritual gifts, and how He produces spiritual fruit in my life.

Session #16 Lordship and Surrender – Is deciding He is Lord and Surrendering to Him a scary thing, or is it the logical response to Jesus saving me from my sins by dying on the cross and overcoming death by His resurrection?

Session #17 Part 2 of Lordship & Surrender: Using the “Normal Progressive Development of a Christian” diagram, we discuss the EVENT of making a Lordship decision and the PROCESS of spiritual GROWTH by turning over areas of my understanding to Him to manage.

Session #18 Part 3 of Lordship & Surrender: We discuss the Abnormal Development of a Christian. What’s the result of giving God “Incremental surrender” over areas of my life? It’s a distorted view and leads to compartmentalization and unintended consequences.

Session #19 Part 4 of Lordship & Surrender: What are the “Rooms in My House”? Watch the video and think about whether I give God access to ALL the areas of my life (house)? Then use the practical tool to discern with the Holy Spirit’s guidance if all areas of my life are open for God to manage.

Session #20 This lesson is a Review of my Two Natures and how Scripture uses natural examples to compare my Sinful Human Nature to God’s Divine Nature living inside me (the Holy Spirit). Which nature will I give control to?

Session #21 We complete this review of our two Natures with a discussion on James Chapter 3 and what Paul says in Romans 7 about our two Natures.

Session #22 We begin several lessons on the concept of Abiding, which makes up the bulk of the Christian life. “To Abide” is the moment-by-moment experience of walking in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, without any “unresolved offenses” that are disrupting that fellowship.

Session #23 In Part 2, we discuss Abiding Principles: WIDTH (daily aspect), HEIGHT (keeping an open line of vertical communication with God) and DEPTH (my deepening and growing relationship with the Lord).

Session #24 In Part 3 we discuss the “symptoms” that are visible when we are not abiding with the Lord.

Session #25 This lessons uses different analogies describing abiding with the Lord, including John 15 about Jesus being the vine and we are the branches.

Session #26 It is very important to simply abide with the Lord TODAY — in this moment. God wants us to be free from the burden of unresolved issues of the PAST or undue concern and worry about the FUTURE, which will affect my abiding with Him in the PRESENT and allow Him to produce His fruit through my life.

Session #27 Part 2 of this practical discussion on maintaining DAILY relationship with the Lord and continuing to allow Him to Transform me.

NOTE: There are 16 lessons in the workbook, while we recorded zoom sessions for only 12 lessons.

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