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My name is Elaine and I am a cult survivor. Welcome to my website where you will find “the truth” that leads to a life of victory.

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Born a JW kid and feeling like I could never do “enough”, I finally escaped after 23 years and floundered for nearly 20 years to find my way. I still believed it for awhile but the worldview that I lost was beginning to take shape. I finally found truth and want to shout it from the rooftops. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to hear my story. Blessings to you all.


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30 Days of Truth That Will Renew Your Mind
The purpose of this devotional is to diffuse the lies of the enemy with the words of God which point to a life of faith in His Son. Christ left His throne and shed His blood to cancel out the sins of mankind to provide salvation for His creation. Take a journey with me, spending as little as 10 minutes each day to learn your true worth and value in the eyes of a God who is love.

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